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I have a SECRET prescription for radiant youthful skin, well-being, longevity and vitality that I love to share with my clients!

My approach to Ageless Health, Wellness and Beauty is based on a small-steps, no deprivation approach. Over 30 years of trial and error, I have created a rich lifestyle of high-level, whole-food nutrition, stress reduction and self-care therapies that have led me to a place where I not only look and feel well... I am aging well.

As an aesthetician at Zensations Spa on Maui, Hawaii, a certified health coach, and essential oil enthusiast, I consult with people every day who focus on looking younger from the outside yet overlook what is going on from the inside because they never consider that the outer appearance of the skin is simply a reflection of their overall health.

There is not a time that goes by when the subject of age comes up, that people are shocked when I tell them I am turning 60. They will say, "You must have great genes" or "As an aesthetician and health coach, you must have secret beauty tricks or anti aging potions ~ where can I buy them?"

The truth is, in my world, true vitality makes you glow from the inside out and that is where I begin the journey of healthy living with all my clients. Tuning into your body and listening to it's messages can be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself.

It is truly my passion to share my transformational tools of change with anyone who is interested in getting their "glow on naturally", wanting a healthy body, needing a boost in confidence, or wanting a more fulfilling life NOW!

Please accept my invitation to meet me for a free consultation or attend an upcoming program or workshop to learn more about my health, wellness and beauty secrets.

"In your face I see a thousand stories."
~Sabrina Tibbs
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